Dictionary book safe diversion secret hidden box

Dictionary book safe diversion secret hidden box

Item : B-24HC Hidden dictionary book safe

Details :

Yosec Dictionary secret book hidden safe B-24HC Feature:

Unique fantastic dictionary book safe makes this storage box rather distinctive from ordinary ones
Becuase of its special design, it can protect user secrets without being found easily
Made with high quality material aswell exquisite craftsmanship
This storage box is wear-resistant for long term usage
With quite spacious space it allows you to put valuables inside the book safe
Close and then place it on the book shelf to make it semms to be a real english dictionary
This mini gadget can also be a good decoration for your guestroom
Specially designed into english dictionary style quite mini and cute
It is great for deceiving for the public so as to keep your belongs safe and unnoticed
Compact size , lightweight and room-saving
Hollow dictionary can be used for storing important bills or gadgets
Product name CombinationBook safe
Iterm no B-24HC
Dimension 240H*155W*55D mm
Small size 180H*115W*55D mm option
Big size 265H*200W*65D mm option
Lock type Combination code lock
Material Steel+Masking+Tapes+ABS
Weight 0.8KG
Packing 16 pcs/ carton
Color Blue , black , red , brown

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