Electronic home safes with fingerprint lock

Electronic home safes with fingerprint lock

Item : MN-25EFD Digital safe with biometric lock

Details :

Biometric safe with fingerprint lock MN-25EFD feature:

Quickly opens with the touch of a finger
Stores up to  30 pcs individual fingerprints
3 solid steel locking deadbolts
Set of 2 emergency back-up keys
Secure mounting hardware included
Operates on 4AA batteries
Programmable slient access mode
Protective floor mat(full interior lined)
One shelf inside is removable
External size 250H*350W*250D mm
Weight: 10KG
Product  Name New fingerprint safe
Iterm No MN-25EFD
Locking mechanism motorized deadbolt
Locky type Biometric safe lock
Fingerpint memory 30 pcs
Acess method Front opening
Battery 4AA
External size 250H*350W*250D mm
Weight 10KG

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