Digital safe lock with backlit keypad for safe box

Digital safe lock with backlit keypad for safe box

Item : E-20EMS Motoriszed Hotel safe lock

Details :

Backlit safe lock for hotel guestroom safe box E-20EMS:

Soft backlit keyad button is easily to operate
2 pcs override key for emergency
Last opening records can be checked and pritned out
2 different group combinaiton codes to reset for user and master
Press “CLEAR” to delete when the input password is
When code is wrong input, screen shows “E-CODE”.
Continuously input four wrong codes, the keypad will
be locked for 5 minutes.
When the codes are forgotten or the battery runs out,
customers can use mechanical key to open safe. (Note:
turn the key from right to left)
There is a switch on the back of safe door, customers
can turn it off to stop keypad from working.
 Press” LOCK” to show. Voltage “ BATT-L” means low.
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