Fast access biometric safe lock

Fast access biometric safe lock

Item : E-217FM Fingerprint safe lock

Details :

Fingerprint safe lock with motorised locking system E-217FM:

Upgrated 500 DPI optical sensor, biometric fingerprint reader , digital keypad with indicator light display
Pin code programmable 4-8 digits , battery status and operations displayed
Store up to 32 fingerprints and 1 pin code , non volatile memory -information is retained if battery is removed
Motorized deadbolt locking mechanism system with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots
Fingerprint, pin code or four prong corss key unlock the safe
Fast access to unlock the safe with fingerprint sensor
New design in 2017 for home safes and other high security safes
Solenoid locking system is for option with better price
3 color for customer to choose

Safe lock type Fingerprint biometric safe lock
Lock model No E-217FM
Fingerprint capacity 32 pcs fingerprints
Battery 4AA(1.5V)
Digital code 4-8 digits
Override key 2 pcs
Locking bolts 2 pcs motorized locking bolts
Opening method Fingerprint , pin code , code+fingerprint
Operating humidity 90%
Standby current <50ua
False Rejection Rate (FRR) < 0.1%
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) < 0.0001%
Usage home safe , pistol safe , hotel safe
Warranty 1 year
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