Laser cutting door electronic safe with small size

Laser cutting door electronic safe with small size

Item : HT-18ENW Electronic small safe motorized

Details :

Laser cutting door small size safe HT-18ENW feature:

A stylish cube-shaped electronic safe with small size
Super large blued LED display and backlit keypad button
Reprogrammable user code for short-term users
More secure master code for managers or owners
Comes with an external battery box connected from outside to provide battery power when the batteries run lower
A manual override key for use in emergencies
LED display for ease of use to show 3-6 digits code
5mm solid steel plate door and 2mm body
2 motorized active round locking bolts with 20mm diameter
Mechanical key override opening with 2 keys
Battery operated 4AA batteries included
Pre-drilled anchor holes at bottom and back 
Interior carpet at bottom to protect your valuables scratch


Model no HT-18ENW
External size 180H*280W*200D mm
Door thickness 5mm
Body thickness 2mm
Weight 6.5KG
 Lock type  Motorized electronic safe lock
 Backlit keypad  Yes
 Override emergency key  2 pcs
 Battery  4*1.5V
 Option size  165Hx280Wx235D


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