Electronic safe lock with motorised locking system

Electronic safe lock with motorised locking system

Item : E-236 Square bolts motorised safe lock

Details :

YOSEC square bolts motorized safe lock E-236 Feature:
Electronic safe lock with high security motorised locking bolts
Square Deadbolt locking , motor driven bolt withstands over 250 lbs of end pressure
Standard footprint to match the mounting dimensions of most mechanical and digital safe locks
All programming is accomplished via the keypad, no special reset tools rquired
Dates , battery status , week  and time is shown on screen and can be adjusted
Battery box is hidden inside the keypad to replace battery easily
One million possible 1-8 digit codes to choose from
User pin code can be hidden by press * firstly
Blue illiminated LCD screen to read clearly 
Override key lock(double bit key lock) for option
Low battery warning

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