Hotel safety electronic laptop safe deposit box

Hotel safety electronic laptop safe deposit box

Item : HT-20EOS Hotel In-room safe

Details :

 HT-20EOS Electronic hotel in-room safety deposit box Feature:

Open/Close: 3-6 digit user codes and 6 digit master code , override key , CEU
Power supply: 4AA*1.5V alkaline batteries with low energy consumption(1 year life)
LED SHOWS: Clear LED display screen to show the digital codes
Key board operation: Fashional international ADA keypad to operate easily
Lockset system:High quality motoriszed lockingmechanism system 
Safe box material: Solid steel, pry-resistant door and body
Lockout function: Error password input 3 times ,the safe will be locked 5 minutes automatically
Audit trail function:System can memory the unlocking records(latest 100 pcs) and printed out by CEU
Interior decoration: Gray carpet to protect your laptops and other valuables
Locking bolts:2 live-locking bolts help to prevent unwanted entry and access
Anchor kits: Bolt down kit included to prevent unauthorized removal
Colour: Black/White


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