Underbed gun safe

Underbed gun safe

Item : G-25EE Underbed gun safe

Details :

Underbed gun safe/ Hidden car gun safe G-25EE Specification:

External size: 250H*1500W*350D
Packig size: 270H*1520W*400D
Thickness: 3mm for body and 5mm for door
Gun rack capacity: 3-5 gun rifle
Weight: 40kgs

Gun safe hidden underbed Feature:
Slid out drawer with digital electronic programmable combiantion lock
Motorized locking mechnism systm with 2 locking bolts
20mm diameter of bolts to control the guns in and out
Yose specially designed gun safe cabinets to put under-bed or hidden under bed
Interior grey capert on shelf to protect your rifle or hangun safes
User code for private use and master code to manage guns for security
2 emegency manual keys to override gun safe when you forget two codes
3-8 digits codes can be set with yosec instruction manual

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