Steel cabinet fireproof safe

Steel cabinet fireproof safe

Item : FP-52K Steel cabinet fireproof safe

Details :

Steel cabients fireproof safe  FP-52K Standard feature:

External dimension: 526H×355W×425D (mm)
Inner dimension: 366H×224W×262D(mm)
Weight: 74KGS
Volume: 21L
Cofigure: 1drawer
Option: Double key lock,  electronic lock+ key lock , combinaiton lock+key lock

Ideal for small office or tight spaces as it fits neatly under a desk , smart and sturdy in appearance with a handy shelf and drawer
Fireproof home safe with two fire key locks
Temperature inside is below 160°C when exposed to 1030°C for one hour
Finished in smart dark grey for body and light grey for door epoxy powder coating
Complete with full sets of simple operating instructions
Double wall steel construction with special fireproof stuff materials
Sturdy chrome handle and decorated plate
Lockable drawer inside
Adjustable shelf
Keypad option:
China electronic lock+ key lock +handle
Two key locks+ handle
Mechanical combination lock +key +handle
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