China fire resistant safe

China fire resistant safe

Item : FP-52C China fire resistant safe

Details :

China fire resistant safe FP-52C Standard feature:

External dimension: 526H×355W×425D (mm)
Inner dimension: 366H×224W×262D(mm)
Weight: 74KGS
Volume: 21L
Cofigure: 1drawer
Option: Double key lock,  electronic lock+ key lock , combinaiton lock+key lock

 Yosec burglary-resistant safe is designed to protect documents against fire
Mechanical locks is convenient and reliable in operation
Fire-proof data safe will be taken into the high temprature furnace for1 hour according to Fire test standard
 The safe body and door are manufactured with double inter-welded steeel walls
The whole safe was fillied with a fire resistant and anti-water concrete
Anchoring to the floor is avaiable wiht anchor hole and alex screws
Keypad option:
China electronic lock+ key lock +handle
Two key locks+ handle
Mechanical combination lock +key +handle

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