Fire resistant office furniture cabinets

Fire resistant office furniture cabinets

Item : FP-1100CC Fire resistant office furniture cabinet

Details :

FP-1100CC Specification and Feature:

External dimension: 1100H*460W*505D (mm)
Inner dimension: 394H*324W*320 D(mm)
Weight: 220KGS
Volume: 85L
Cofigure: 2 drawers and shelves
Option: Double key lock,  electronic lock+ key lock , combinaiton lock+key lock

 Fireproof safe box with two doors seperately  wiht 1 Hour fire test
Mechanical combination lock and key lock to open the safe for your security
A fireguard fire resistant safe is equipped with 2 drawers and 2 removable shelves
Heavy duty external hige with drill-resistant hard plate and spring relocker
Floor bolt-down optiona is standard
Interior carpet to protect your valuables and documents  as well as medias CD
Chinese digital safe lock , double key lock and combinaiton lock is optional
Cutomzied safe is avaiable basedon your quantity
Color option': black dark grey , short grey , white , red
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